The UDM group, french leader of the distillation of wine by-products

UDM, UDM, Union des Distilleries de la Méditerranée, has been created in 2008 by the gathering of several wine cooperative distilleries, Finedoc (30), Val d’Hérault (34), Société Française de Distillerie (SFD) in Ardéche, and in l’Hérault becoming the first group of French wine distilleries.
Udm is composed of 5 industrial sites, one in Ardèche, 3 in l’Herault, on in the Gard and a subsidiary in the Beaujolais.

UDM collects the by-products of vinification of its adhering wineries (150 cooperative wineries and 1500 private wineries) within 22 counties, ie roughly 150 000 T of grapes marc and 200 000 Hl of wine lees.

The adhering caves of the group represent 25 % of the production of French wine.

The by-products collected :

  • The grape marc is the solid residue of the vinification, unity that is formed by the skin, the pips and the pomace obtained by the pressuring of the grapes after having separated from their must (juice).
    From this by-product, is extracted crude alcohol (biofuels), rectified neutral alcohol, colorants, grapes seeds (oil and polyphenols), calcium tartrate (raw material of tartaric acid), pulps (organic amendments, cattle food…)
  • The wine lees : wines loaded with solid residus (tartaric precipitate) from which are produced alcohol and Calcium Tartrate (for the production of Tartaric acid)

Les distilleries

The commercial companies of the UDM group

The groupe UDM group has 2 commercial subsidiairies,  Sucren-Vitimed for the grape sugar, colorants/polyphenols and Tartric Med for the Tartaric products (Tartaric acid, Cream of Tartar, Rochelle salt and Meta tartaric acid).

  • Alcools carburants
    Engrais organos-minéraux
    Amendements oragniques
    Huile de pépins de raisin
    Alcools rectifiés
    Eaux de vie de vin

  • Crème de tartre
    Acide méta-tartrique
    Acide tartrique
    Sel de Seignette

  • Tanins œnologiques
    Mouts concentré rectifié
    Sucre de raisin
    Colorants naturels

    Polyphénols de raisin