• International enological codex
  • Regulation CE 606 /2009 regarding categories of wine products and enological practices
  • Regulation CE 231 /2012 regarding food additives

Enological applications

Meta tartaric acid is an inhibator of crystillasation of Potassium Bitartrate salts. It avoids the crystallization of tartar. It has a very long action, its use preferably before the last step of filtration enables an efficient  stabilization of wine. It prevents the precipitations of tartrates  in the wine for more than one year. Meta tartaric acid does not give any taste or smell to wine. For the use, it is advised to prepare 24 H before the dosage a solution of metatartaric acid  at 375 g/l. The maximum dose is 10 g/hl (2.6 cl of solution prepared according to the recommendations mentioned above) of wine to be prepared.

Beware, the use on wines too cold or too rich in protein can lead to  reversible or irreversible  blurriness. In case of an irreversible blurriness, filtrate the wine before any other treatment.


Beware, It is necessary to dissolve meta tartaric acid in cold water. Warm water leads to an immediate hydrolysis of meta tartaric acid which beyond the fact that it will loose all its efficiency increases the risk of formation of tartrates preceipitations.


Cartons of 20 kg composed of 20 bags of 1 kg.

Meta tartaric acid  must be kept in an airtight packing and stocked in a dry place, away from humidity and in normal conditions of temperature. It is a stable compound which does not alter with time if those conditions are respected. This product tends to cake, so a long storage is not recommended.